I have been a pantheist my whole life –a believer, an experiencer, of the universe itself as divine. As long as I can remember, I have been experiencing moments of pure awe and reverence in the face of nature and cosmos, both on the small scale and the grand. I have always been able to lose hours to the beauty of a sun-cast garden, have always longed for more time amongst trees, on hills and mountaintops, gazing out at the sea. When I was five years old, I informed my father that I hadn’t been able to sleep the previous night because I couldn’t quite wrap my head around infinity, try as I may.

When I was at that age, I thought that someday I might become a cosmologist. Instead, I went the Arts & Humanities route; but I found my way back to that questioning of existence through my discover of Paganism – initially in my teens, and renewed in my early twenties.

Paganism for me is how I do pantheism – it is what my pantheism looks like when I practice. It incorporates a reverence for the cycles we are aware of here on planet Earth, a reverence for our immersion in those cycles, and allows me to weave my own stories of cosmos, drawing on the myth and folklore I grew up listening to from my family. While this has been a part of me my whole life, it has only been in the past five years that I have really found my spiritual feet, so to speak.

I have been writing blog posts for the duration of those five years, and making YouTube videos for three, about my personal experience navigating the development of this practice. Initially, I wanted to share my experiences primarily as a means to sort out my own thoughts and receive support and feedback from the spiritual/Pagan community. Over time, it has become a joy to me to be able to provide sparks of inspiration for you, my readers, in exploring your own thoughts on spirituality and cosmology, and find new ways of seeing the world. Becoming a Pagan pantheist has changed my life story completely; and I am honoured if I can offer any wisdom, or help others do the same.

~ Áine Órga


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