My earth-based spirituality is at the core of everything I do.  Pantheistic Paganism has become not only my spiritual practice, but my way of life, and my core passion.  And I am deeply inspired to share this passion with others in whatever way I can.

My spirituality and my journey of self-discovery are not really things that began at any point in my life – they have always been a part of me, though it has taken me many years to become clear on what my spirituality really looks like, who I really am, and where my passions truly lie.  Now in my mid-twenties, I don’t feel as though I have the answers, but I feel as though I am finally beginning to ask the right questions.

I have been identifying as a pantheistic Pagan for several years.  I first came to Paganism over a decade ago, but during the process of growing up I moved away from spirituality and big life questions because there simply wasn’t room for them in my life.  But as I started to settle into myself as an adult, I realised that something was profoundly missing in my life – and that something turned out to be a spiritual practice and a deep and constantly evolving passion for all things related to the spiritual and the Self.

At my heart I am a writer, an artist, a teacher, and a traveller of the inner world of the mind. I hope that over time Heart Story will grow and expand to include a variety of my passions, and that I will be able to share my vision and my story with you in many more ways.

I sincerely hope that you find Heart Story to helpful and nurturing to you on your personal or spiritual journey.

Much love ~ Áine Órga


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