Developing your own spiritual practice from scratch is not easy. But no matter how much at home you feel in a spiritual tradition, there is always something to be gained from exploring your very personal experiences, and developing a solitary, personal spiritual practice that is completely your own.

I developed the Paving Your Own Path series as a tool for people who are embarking on this personal journey. When you sign up for my newsletter, you will receive in your inbox a five-part audio series with an accompanying workbook, designed specifically to guide you through the audio content and pose helpful questions for contemplation and journaling.

This series on Paving Your Own Path touches on some key factors and components of building your own spiritual practice. I have explored: the importance of building your own spiritual path and the difficulties involved; solidifying your conception of divinity; unpacking your conflicting beliefs; developing spiritual symbolism and imagery; developing a practice structure and writing ritual; and building a daily practice.

I originally created this series as a seven-part video series, which you can watch below. The five-part audio series is a highly edited version of this content, drawn together in a more digestible form, and offered to you in mp3 format so that you can listen in your own time.