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What is Spiritual Mentoring?

Want to troubleshoot your spiritual life with me?

You might be starting your spiritual practice and want help with bringing your spiritual feelings to life. Or maybe your practice has stagnated, or is in the process of big change. I offer support and a sounding board for these changes, helping you have that "aha!" moment planning your practices and rituals.

Being an alternative spiritual practitioner is empowering, creative, and exciting, but despite our vibrant online communities it can at times be lonely and confusing. I can offer you a listening ear and help plan detailed ritual and altar designs, or help you work through emotional issues in your life.

I offer mentoring sessions face-to-face on Zoom video call, and these can be one-off or multiple. I also offer correspondance mentoring for anyone who would like to take their time with a more laid-back mentoring style. With correspondence mentoring, we exchange emails and I send you 3 videos pre-recorded privately for you over the course of the mentoring.

Have any questions? You can email me or fill out the form below.

Zoom Mentoring

Chat with me face-to-face on one-hour Zoom video calls!

You can choose between a single 1-hour session, or a discounted bundle of three. I recommend bundles for addressing multiple questions, designing in-depth practice, or building and supporting your spirituality long-term.

After paying, click "return to vendor" to access this form, so you can let me know your availability and area of focus. I will email you within 24 hours (Mon-Sat) to set our appointment and discuss any further needs or questions.

(Please read policies before purchase)

how many sessions?

Year-And-A-Day / Wheel of the Year Mentoring

My client and friend Luzi has been "flirting with Paganism" for her whole adult life, but until now has never successfully celebrated each of the eight Sabbats of the Wheel of the Year. She approached me with this great idea - to set the intention to have nine mentoring sessions with me over a year, one for each Sabbat, with an introductory session at the start.

We have been meeting several weeks before each Sabbat ever since. These mentoring sessions help her clarify her plans and intentions for each Sabbat, and provide accountability to keep up with her intention.

If you like this idea, why not try it, too? You can go ahead and book your first bundle of three, or you can send me an email to get the ball rolling.

Correspondence Mentoring

Both types of correspondence mentoring happen by email - ideal if you prefer to digest and respond at your own pace!

After purchase and filling out a short form, I will repond within 48h (Mon-Sat) with an introductory email. This will include a personalised list of questions and considerations. Your response to these questions, in your own time, will be your first mentoring email! Then you will receive either:

Email mentoring: I will send you a written response of least 500 words as a PDF document. You write back in turn, and we repeat this twice more. We will exchange 3 emails each in total, usually over 1-3 weeks.

Video mentoring: My replies will include a short written reponse and a link to a private, 10-minute video recorded in response to each of your emails. In total you will receive 3 emails & 3 10-minute videos, usually over 3 weeks.

(Please read policies before purchase)

3-part email mentoring

€50 EUR

3-part video mentoring

€100 EUR

My Qualifications

PhD (2020) and MSc (2016) in Religious Studies, University of Edinburgh.

After over a decade of learning about and trying different spiritual practices, my PhD in Religious Studies gave me a chance to take a broader perspective on what alternative spiritual movements can offer people. I have always loved to teach and motivate (I once was a music teacher and ensemble director) and doing a PhD strengthened my ability to perceive patterns across complex information and come up with practical solutions.


Áine marries the scholarship of a professor with the wisdom of an experienced practitioner to deliver deeply insightful and humane guidance that helped me to plumb my thoughts and feelings about my own spiritual practices and commitments. Our conversation was enjoyable, comfortable, and, in the end, revelatory. Afterwards, I felt confident and prepared to develop my own enriched spiritual education and practice.

– Eugene

My time with Áine was a transformational step in my spiritual journey. Not only did she create a welcoming, safe space for me to express my feelings, but she encouraged me to follow my intuition and the ways I connect with divinity. It was a joy to explore the materials she brought to the session and pick out the nuggets of wisdom together. We also covered a lot of practical strategies to help me implement these changes in my daily life. Without doubt, I would recommend Áine to any spiritual nomad looking for the experience and companionship of a fellow adventurer.

– Magnolia

Áine is incredible to work with. No matter what I wanted to talk about, she was ready to engage and laugh and relate and bring it back to the themes of what I wanted to talk about and what was meaningful to me. It’s hard to find sometimes, somebody you feel is really listening and fully absorbed in the conversation you are tying to have. She is willing to try and wrap her head around the meta questions you might be bringing to the table. I recommend her all the time!

– Skyler

I recommend Áine to my friends who like me are finding their own spiritual path. Aine has a wealth of knowledge of spiritual practices from all over the world and an ability to really hear what you, individually, are looking for. I didn't really know what wanted from our session beyond creating some kind of more regular practice for myself, but Áine listened and asked insightful questions that helped me discover what it was I was after.

– Kira

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